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CST3021 – Oil transfer pipe, braided stainless steel, 0.50” bore



Price - £58.85 + VAT

For billet aluminium type filter heads with 11/16”UNF union thread as fitted to the post 1990 Minis. These12A engine numbers have an odd-ball thread size in both block and filter head (11/16" UNF)
The standard metal tube oil transfer pipe O-ringed unions is restrictive, unreliable and drag inducing so reduces flow efficiency.
I developed this product after the dash 6 hose to maximise oil flow and minimise drag as far as is possible given the standard fitting sizes. Designed for performance road and race use engines where no oil cooler is required (short track racing, hill-climbs and sprints). The hose is also longer than most others to cater for distributors with vacuum advance units. Hose is 0.50"/dash 8 bore.

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