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CST3028-100 - 998 piston set, flat top +0.100”



Price - £220.00 + VAT

Set of 4 pistons complete with rings and pins.
Manufactured from a far superior aluminium than most high performance pistons, it contains a much higher silicon content. Using advanced heat treatments, a more heat-stable piston is created.

This dramatically reduces expansion under combustion/running conditions. Consequently lower piston to bore clearances are required maximising piston stability in the bore and therefore better piston ring sealing.

These pistons are manufactured for race use so are more than adequate for any application allowing up to 12.5:1 CR to be used (with suitably altered distributor advance curve).

To use with later press fit type con rods just discard the circlips. Alternatively hone out the small end of the press-fit con rods (0.0008" clearance) for fully floating pins.

Weight including rings and pin 281 grams.

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