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CST3010-OT – Camshaft, road sports



Price - £185.00 + VAT

This is the Russell Engineering RE13OT cam developed for optimum street performance where optimum sports-torque is the main-aim.
Lumpy idle, pulls hard from 2,000rpm with good strong clean performance through to 6,500+rpm in large-bore based engines.
With the right cylinder head and induction system this cam will give blistering street performance and very competitive hill-climb/track day/ sprint performance.

Performance is in the Piper 285/Kent286 sort of area but out-performs both for torque and gives more peak power at a lower rpm point.
Best performance given with 1.4:1 ratio rockers and a cylinder head with efficient port work, but also gives better than can be expected performance with a mediocre cylinder head with standard rockers. Recommended compression ratio for this cam is 10.5:1.

Make sure good quality valve springs with at least 200lb in nominal rate are used.

To avoid premature wear, I very strongly advise, to the point of insistence, that you use the cam followers sold on this site (CST3024 standard type, CST3025 race type) as they have had the face re-profiled to give them the essential correct shape absent from the vast majority of followers on the market.

Never use used cam followers unless it is on the cam they came from and where position numbered.

All cams have A+-type slot drive for oil pump.
Now ground on brand new cross-drilled cam blanks.

Comes with cam installation instructions.

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