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CST3007 - 1.4:1 ratio rocker kit.



Price - £341.94 + VAT

1.4:1 ratio steel rocker kit. Solid steel rocker arms used to maximise stiffness for weight.
Rocker weighs a tiny 82 grams. Proven to enhance engine performance at elevated rpm as they more consistently transfer the specific lobe profile to the valve, unlike aluminium rocker arms.
Kit includes CST superior quality rocker adjuster screws, lock nuts (not K nuts as shown), steel posts and competition thick wall rocker shaft. NOTE: it does not come as a complete assembly, spacers/springs are separate.
Rockers are fitted with bearing bronze bushes.
Why 1.4 ratio? Simple - years of dyno testing all manner of engine builds with current cam profiles and cylinder head modifications has proven running a higher ratio and more lift is just torturing metal. After all – the valve is only at peak lift effectively for a nano-second. It is what happens between 0.150” and 0.350” lift that is important.
No real worthwhile gains are made running to 0.500” valve lift and valve train is put under far less stress.
Historic racing regulations do not allow roller rockers of any sort, and as an aside they are aesthetically more pleasing than bulky aluminium arms.
Manufactured in Britain by British craftsman.

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